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We are a team inspired by our mission and united through multi-year collaboration. We go the extra mile for you. We combine the expertise and experience stemming from leading diverse change projects, have profound knowledge and a wide variety of backgrounds, all of which allow us to professionally partner with you on your change journey.  



Founder Change Eye

Many years of experience in multi-national companies. With a background in both business management and organizational development, Marcella’s passion is being a sparring partner in large transformation programs. With her diligence and genuine interest, she helps companies move forward.   


Consultant Change Eye

Internationally experienced and multi-lingual, Marc operates as an organizational development consultant and trainer.
He works with his clients at eye level. He combines his experience with his intuition for a successful achievement of their goals.



Consultant Change Eye

With a vast background in medicine, marketing and consulting, Barbara works as a workshop facilitator and coach. With drive and determination, she helps her clients succeed.


Consultant Change Eye

Marcel brings a profound knowledge of various industries and functions with him. His expertise lies in organizational development as well as large group moderation and visualizations. He supports his clients with a high amount of energy and innovation.



Consultant Change Eye

As a human resources interim manager, Stefan gains valuable insights into organizations. In his work as an organizational development consultant and trainer, he likes to focus on the people and brings organizations forward with his can-do attitude. 


Assistant Change Eye

Elina provides administrative and technical assistance for the survey projects. As a digital native, she brings in new perspectives and ideas for enhancing Change Eye. She is responsible for the website and coordinates various activities for the team.  



For additional resources and topics we collaborate with a network of trusted partners.

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